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Kenmore Towers

Kenmore Towers

Nestled in Kenmore Square, this Fenway luxury apartment complex has been fully renovated and redesigned. Originally built in 1978, the building has been a well-loved part of the Kenmore Square area for several decades. While many luxury apartments in the Fenway neighborhood are in buildings constructed after 2000, this structure has had updates and a complete makeover to give it a modern flare. However, it also retains some of its original Boston charm, which makes it an ideal choice for people who want the original sophisticated style of the building mixed with modern luxury living. It is located close to Fenway Park, major medical facilities, shopping centers, grocery stores, dining venues and several educational institutions. There is also a convenient T-stop in the immediate vicinity. Residents have access to all they could want in the area, and the rest of the city is easily accessible through major public transit stops nearby.

Terraces are staple features in each of the spacious 111 units. Hardwood floors and modern features are found throughout each apartment. There are elevators to ensure all units are easily accessible. Apartments vary in size from studio to two-bedroom units, so shoppers often have more than one size option when looking for a home here. The building boasts an outdoor pool and jacuzzi that is open to all residents in the warmer months of the year. There is a concierge service, which is available 24 hours every day to all building occupants. Security guards are also on site 24/7, so residents can rest assured their safety is important. There is a spacious parking garage for all residents to use. Laundry facilities are also available on site.

The Kenmore Towers building, located at 566 Commonwealth Avenue, is an iconic structure in the Kenmore area of Boston's famous Fenway neighborhood. It is always growing in popularity as a trendy but affordable choice. People seeking luxury living with the most essential amenities will appreciate the apartment homes in this building. For those who think most luxury buildings come with too many frills and do not want to pay for those extra features, Kenmore Towers is a smart choice. The prices are affordable for the quality features, services, privacy and unrivaled views. It is no surprise that available apartments here do not last long. When shopping for the perfect Fenway luxury apartment in Kenmore Towers, it is important to be ready to make a commitment quickly.

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